Online training

Can't make the time to come to a class? Live too far away? Want some help? Here are some options!

Video Analysis: Load your own video to YouTube and receive individualized feedback!

Have some issues in tracking, agility or obedience where you would like a professional's advice?  Videotape yourself, load it to YouTube, send the link to Terry and receive a detailed response.  Responses are usually within 48 hours.

Tuition Fee: $20.00 for the first five minutes of video and 2.00 per minute after that. Contact .

Take an Online Course! Read the lessons, watch the videos, and get feedback on your own homework!

Currently Available Courses:

COURSE T-OO1: Introduction to Sport/Competition Tracking

Over the course of four lessons you will lay a foundation for the activity known as sport/competition tracking. Your tuition entitles you to twenty (20) minutes of video analysis with appropriate feedback during the time frame where your course key is active.

Tuition Fee: Eighty-five dollars (85.00) payable in United States funds.  Contact to start the process.