Introduction to Sport/Competition Tracking

In this course, we will begin to teach you how to work your dog in the activity known as sport/competition tracking. This is different than search and rescue trailing or other forms of scent work where the dog is worked off lead. In sport tracking, the dog works on a length of lead as they follow a path/trail made by another person. Along the way, the dog finds items called "articles" which he then indicates to the human part of the team. This actively, like many forms of dog training, can be done for fun or for eventual future competition. The material covered in this course will help prepare your dog for future completion if you so choose that endeavor. If you do not wish to pursue competition for you and your dog, the two of you will be able to build your relationship in a productive and fun manner. The material covered in this course will be based on what is commonly known as "field tracking" where the dog and handler work on and though vegetation such as grass and brush and though natural terrain features such as hills, valleys, woods, etc. The skills that you and your dog learn in this course will not be limited to "field tracking"; rather, those skills will serve as a basis for other types of tracking work.

Your tuition entitles you to twenty (20) minutes of video analysis with appropriate feedback during the time frame where your course key is active. Videos will need to be posted on YouTube. Video analysis will be sent back to you via e-mail.

Tuition Fee: Eighty-five dollars (85.00) payable in United States funds.  Contact to start the process. Once paid, you will be issued a key for activation of the course. Your key will be good for a period of 6 months from date of activation. After that time frame, you will no longer be able to access the course material.